Electrical Technician Premier Oil


Electrical Technician

  • To maintain electrical equipment and perform tasks allocated by his Supervisor.
  • To fulfil a specified emergency response role in accordance with the Station Bill.
  • To complete scheduled tasks from the maintenance plan and CMMS.
  • Input data of completed tasks into the CMMS.
  • To support maintenance and I/C Technicians in diagnosis of technical problems.
  • To support contractors.
  • Routine testing of emergency response equipment.
  • Liaise with Materials Coordinator.

Please send CV to NPutranti@premier-oil.com before 19 June 2009.

  1. Curriculum vitae
    Surname: LACHI
    First name: Farid
    Date of birth: October 10th, 1953
    Place of birth: Briket. Ain Touta
    Marital status: Married
    Nationality: Algerian
    Current address and: 23, street khomri Bachir .stand Ain touta
    Batna Algeria
    Weight 67 kg and size 1.72 tall I have a driver’s license lighter Weight category
    E-mail: lachifarid@yahoo.fr
    Number fax:
    1967 Certificate study primary Arabic, French 1967 1959 Primary School
    1971 General certificate of education (G.C.E )option french 1971 1967 Secondary School
    1975 Cetificate industrial Electricity 1974 1972 TrainingCENTER PROFESSIONAL

    Certificate level 05 Higher electro-Mechanical Technician 1975 to 1977 Centre Technicians and supervisors
    Certificate Technician industrial Electricity petrochemical industry ( Natural Gas Treatment
    Courses in English language with international company Centre TrainingCourses

    Professional experience

    position Firm Date ( years )
    Foreman maintenance
    Electro-mechanical Gas bottles (S.N.S) Algeria company 1976 to 1979
    Technician industrial electricity maintenance Sonatrach production department to Hassi-R’mel 1979 to 1985
    Maintenance Cement company (E.R.C.E) Algeria 1985 to 1987
    *foreman industrial manufacturing mechanics and electricity
    *chief electrician National company of materials building
    1988 to 2004

    DEAR SIR ,

    I’m writing to inform you that ,I’m technician maintenance specialist , domain industry electricity and mechanics I have twenty three ( 23 ) years professional experience industrial electricity and electro-mechanic and seven years ( 07 ) practical professional experience on the equipments petrochemical industry (Natural Gas Treatment) Covering electrical installation, maintenance execution and electrical protection inspection
    I can handle following tasks:
    Industrial electricity maintenance
    I’m also familiar with industry electricity High, Medium and Low voltage , High power Alternators,Generators and protection industrial electric equipment and mechanic .

    Repairs and preventative maintenance on a variety of LV/MV/HV electrical equipment up to Verify and testing accuracy of electrical / electronics instrument , machine controlling instrument and identify defective component removing defective parts system reassembling electric instrument and rectify
    Inspection and maintenance preventive , curative ,activity , and reliability.
    Maintenance, technique, establish and ensure spare parts tools equipment availability.
    Prepare of work for electrical maintenance ; intervention , check , control and inspection
    all instrument electric / electronic equipment and devices Power transformers 30/5.5/60 KV and associated with circuit breakers.
    Identifies requirements for major repair replacement and or workshop.

    Updates preventive maintenance record for work done, including electrical drawings.:
    Receives incoming work requests, discusses work required with the
    electrical and estimates time, materials or spare parts required to complete the work. Receives schedule of repairs wiring diagrams and test.
    Equipments. insulation and continuity winding test , provision of earthling , framing and check for continuity resistance , such post delivery (substation) control cable, test
    disconnect or ( isolator ) switch , relay / limit , current transformers , voltage transformers,
    compensation , Inverter rectifying function ,static capacitors, rectifier and charger battery.
    Adjustment and improvement Ø electric installation, earth leakage protection electric circuit
    equipment fault finding and repair work.
    diagnoses, checks and repairs faults on various items of equipments in the
    power generation and distribution system, including AC generators, and auto
    voltage regulators, synchronising equipment and protection relays. Uses multimeters
    Insulation resistance meters, and cable fault location techniques
    on motors, electronic control systems and circuit breakers. Repairs faults
    by repairing or replacing parts on relays, breakers, contractors, isolators
    and other switchgear components. Tests unit using various test equipments
    ( voltmeters, current meters etc) before and after repairs, to ensure work has
    been carried out correctly.
    the routine maintenance of various power generation and
    distribution equipment and related switchgear, and other equipment such
    as motors, pumps, elevators, transformers,. Includes inspecting and testing
    equipment according to check-lists, calibrating relays as required. Cleans
    and replaces defective or worn parts, dismantles and repairs starters,
    drive systems, generators, alternators and switches. Completes maintenance
    tasks and restarts and tests equipment in running condition.
    on workshop overhauls of electrical equipment. Includes
    stripping down units, changing parts, replacing electronic cards and bench
    testing equipment before re-installation. Maintains various electrical
    tools and discharge types and repairing control systems’. Repairs and tests equipment, ensuring correct glanding and earthing is carried
    out in accordance with applicable standards. Carries out all earthing activi
    ties, recognizing the necessity for good earthing, particularly in hazardous
    All activities in accordance with Company safety procedures
    and manufacturer’s recommendations, ensuring that all precautions are
    taken to isolate equipment prior to commencing work. following all safety
    instructions and notices, and wearing protective equipment at all times.
    Completes work orders/cards with details of maintenance or repairs

    faults diagnosed and materials and man hours used to complete
    the work.
    Assists in the installation and testing of new electrical equipment
    and systems on the Control alignment air Compressors and
    equipment mechanic with electric devices

    Testing of electrical equipment including high voltage motors
    and starters, switchgear, and feeder breakers.
    checks starter contacts and the operation of mechanical inter locks

    Key skill sets
    serve as Technician with technical knowledge to maintain and repair such electrical equipment all kind of machineries * Experience in maintenance electro-mechanics equipments of natural Gas treatment Can read all electric diagrams and use of multi-meters to check all electric equipments , apparatus ,
    machines , engines , components electronic ,
    to work alone like to work as a team repairing and modifying no-conforming equipment
    connect electrical conductor cables to measurement devices , to work in shifts and round
    the clock call , to carry out electrical preventive maintenance under supervision of process
    This includes work on H/V, M / V and L / V motors ,contactors, circuit breaker,
    air circuit breakers , control station L / V and M / V , switch line , power transformers
    alternator and association and control wiring with cables and earthling circuit, .
    Electric circuit A / C and D / C . My mission a special task estimation to realise putting out into service all module concerning all electric equipments , apparatus ,
    electro- mechanics machines and supervise work , participates meeting for maintenance
    and preparation personnel with technical of the department Job Description , control of the working of the electrical equipments and machines and of the related control boards and perform their maintenance, with particular care to control the voltage of the alternators and of the exciters of the auxiliary units;
    – Control the working of service electric motors and generators
    – Perform maintenance of the remote control switches of the control board, by performing disassembly, control, cleaning and lubrication of the components and the regulation of the pressure on the contacts control and replace or adjust the contacts of thermal expansion valves or of relays or switches;
    – Repair circuits, electrical devices or electrical machines and the relevant control boards installed on the site .
    – Assist, coordinate and monitor the operators during site building transfer operations, supervising in particular the disassembly, loading, unloading and assembly of the electrical devices and equipment;
    – Keep the stocks of spare parts and expendable materials, checking the level of the stocks and reporting the needs for re-supply considering also the forecasted consumption and provisioning time of the use of particular materials or spares and consults the schemes and sketches related to circuits, to electrical equipment and to electrical devices and their control boards;

    Experience in top-drive maintenance Good physical condition and health ,
    Excellent written and verbal communication skills both in Engilish,Arabic and French
    I’m available, comfortable in working within and international team
    * Good computer knowledge word / excel / outlook
    Interpersonal skills and good presentation Available to work extended hours ,
    Able to work in the field ( Building sites ) able to work on rotation system .
    Looking forward to your reply , Yours faithfully

    Thanks and Best Regard
    LACHI Farid

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