G & G Manager Kondur Petroleum SA

Title: G & G MANAGER
Supervisor’s Title: Vice President Exploration

Division: Exploration
Section: G & G
Location: Jakarta

Basic Function:
(State briefly the primary purpose and objective of this positions)

Manages the Geological and Geophysical Divisions to ensure the cost effective, technically sound geological and geophysical objectives are achieved in line with the company s goals and mission.

Principal Duties:
(Describes briefly each major duty performed. Omit details as to how the duty is performed. Arrange duties in descending order of importance).

  1. Performs technical audit control of geological and geophysical activities, in-house or contracted. Ensures that proper guidance of assessment, training and developments for geologists and geophysicist are in place to maintain professional technical standards, technical eager/ awareness and cost effectiveness. Reviews analysis of BRO (Budget Control Officers) for geological, geophysical and G&G survey budget. Liaises with partners for specialized technical services or reviews.
  2. Makes recommendations for (i) drilling exploration and appraisal wells, (ii) future exploration work programs and budget (iii) establishing priorities/deadlines for on going exploration studies, (iv) exploration staffing.
  3. Ensures (as operator) that (i) the shareholding companies, partners and government agencies receive geological and geophysical information they requested or required in timely manner, and (ii) these parties respond in timely manner for the requested approval from the Company (as operator) in geological and geophysical related projects/plans.
  4. Coordinates QSHE Management System is in compliance with Government Regulations and or other related requirements.
  5. Initiates recruitment of new national geologists, interviews, and makes recommendations to hire in accordance with approved company establishment. Devises, initiates, and monitors Exploration technical and supervisory/management training suitable for geologist and geophysicists.
  6. Initiates all geological and geophysical contract procedures, ensures that technical standards are fully defined and appropriate monitoring will be applied, guides contract through tendering procedure.


  • Bachelor degree in Geosciences with minimum of 15 years of experience of working in Exploration Department. A higher degree in Geosciences is preferred, but not mandatory.
  • More than 15 years experience in oil and gas industry with at least 10 years of supervisory experience including leading related geological and geophysical projects.
  • Well-developed supervisory skills for field acquisition of 2D and or 3D seismic activities as well as processing technique.
  • Familiar with unrelated geological provinces to map successfully and increasingly subtle traps.
  • Sensitivity, tact, negotiating ability and perseverance are important attributes to keep exploration programs on schedule.
  • Strong team and communication skills with leadership to supervise team/s of Geologists and Geophysicists.

Please send your CV to: jak@benchrecruit.com

Only short listed candidates will be contacted.

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