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Senior Water & Sanitation Specialist

Duties and Responsibilities
The Senior Water and Sanitation Specialist will work under the overall guidance of the WSP-EAP Regional Team Leader (RTL), and in coordination with the Community Development Specialist (Country Program Coordinator) as well as Task Team Leaders and their teams based in Indonesia. WSP-EAP operates as a regional team, and the Senior Water and Sanitation Specialist will be able to draw on the expertise of regional and country team members in the planning and executing of the Indonesia program. He/she will also be expected to provide support to other team members in areas of his/her expertise. Under the supervision of the RTL, the Senior Water and Sanitation Specialist will carry out the tasks described below:

  • Operational Guidance to WSP Indonesia Country Office
  • Based on the input provided by individual task team leaders and the Community Development Specialist (Country Program Coordinator), coordinate planning and managing of all WSP activities in Indonesia, including country program coordination, work planning, financial overview, reporting, general facilitation, networking and close coordination with all partners and related World Bank lending operations, analytical and advisory activities (AAA), and CPS implementation;
  • Lead the development, management and coordination of selected WSP support projects in Indonesia, as agreed with the RTL and in coordination with the Community Development Specialist (Country Program Coordinator);
  • Manage selected development, supervisory and advisory inputs that WSP may be requested to provide to World Bank lending operations and AAA work (including, but not limited to, the PAMSIMAS rural water supply and sanitation project);
  • Take a proactive role in developing and marketing proposals for new funding of WSP activities in Indonesia;
  • Manage and guide other members of the WSP-EAP Indonesia country team, recruit new WSP staff and consultants as may be necessary and take responsibility for encouraging the professional development of all staff (and the mentoring of new staff in particular);
  • Represent WSP at relevant WB Indonesia meetings, national forums, workshops and conferences, establish and maintain appropriate networks, and maintain an appropriate WSP profile;
  • Provide technical inputs to WSP staff and projects in Indonesia on the development and quality assurance of knowledge products, as well as actively participate in WSP-EAP and global dialogues; and
  • Throughout, follow World Bank and WSP-specific procedures in all regards and be a role model for demonstrating and helping ensure the highest standards of governance and professional ethics.

Project Management and Implementation

  • Manage as Task Team Leader the Indonesia Total Sanitation and Sanitation Marketing (TSSM) program as part of WSP’s Global Scaling up Sanitation project. This includes:
  • Be responsible for its budget management, work planning, teamwork building and supervision
  • Ensure timely consultation of and responsiveness to Global Task Team Leader and his team (including the Senior Technical Adviser) for necessary conceptual guidance, technical advice and reporting to the donor, as required
  • Establish team norms and practices for quality assurance of TORs, proposals, capacity building and product outputs, ensuring pre-implementation technical oversight and content reviews by the Senior Technical Advisor
  • Nurture a team climate of professional integrity, commitment to quality and openness to learning
  • Actively participate in global dialogue on the project and development of second phase concept note, activities proposal, funding proposal and implementation

The minimum qualifications for this position conform to the World Bank’s generic qualifications for Level GG technical specialists. The position requires a person with program coordination and management experience and specialization in the field of water and sanitation or health in Indonesia. Minimum qualifications include:

  • A Masters or higher level degree in economics, civil or environmental engineering, environmental health, urban planning or other relevant discipline;
  • At least 8 years relevant professional experience in the field of environmental health, water supply, sanitation, and hygiene; and at least 5 years in a management or team leader role;
  • Evidence of strong management/team leadership experience, including working effectively in teams with members and colleagues from government and civil society;
  • Significant experience in Indonesia in the design and implementation of water and sanitation projects and programs, with a focus on the poor;
  • Preferably some relevant international experience, either through study or work experience abroad;
  • Knowledge and experience of and commitment to participatory approaches and partnerships;
  • Strong analytical and writing skills;
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills and confidence in both English and Bahasa Indonesia;
  • Well-developed interpersonal skills and proven ability to work effectively and sensitively in a multi-cultural environment;
  • Sound knowledge of multilateral (preferred) and bilateral administrative and operational policies and procedures;
  • Ability to learn quickly and to take full advantage of mentoring and development opportunities;
  • Willingness and potential to take on widening responsibilities and grow rapidly in a challenging environment.

Closing Date: 12-Aug-2009

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