Unix System Engineer Enggsol, Singapore

•    Experienced Administer to Manage Unix Servers (Solaris, HP UX, AIX, Linux)
•    Knowledge in Networking
•    Assist in other jobs like server backup, disaster recovery preparation, escalation of hardware problems, testing new software/hardware, monitoring, reporting etc
•    Minimum 1 year in Unix System Administration

Requirements, Capacity Management such as:
•    System monitoring and tuning
•    Frequent checks on resource usage
•    Collection of data to study trends of usage and record peak usage of resources
•    Review to define threshold and recommendations for improvement based on monitoring and statistics
•    Ensuring that the computer host systems run efficiently by using the available performance analysis tools, and doing quarterly system performance tuning;

System Availability Management such as
•    Producing and maintaining system operating procedures for computer log, performance records, accounting system, protective procedures and use of operating system facilities;
•    Advising customer in relation to existing IT strategy and assisting in evaluating proposals involving new software packages, features or products;
•    Implementing allocations and schedules of resources for quotas, limits, protection and queue management
•    Server capacity management e.g. tracking and monitoring the utilization of system resources (e.g. CPU time and disk quota);

Configuration Management such as
•    Ensuring that the system and network changes are made according to the established change control procedure
•    Maintain proper records of all configurations and update all changes, ensuring that changes adhere to change procedure

Anti-Virus and Patch Management such as
•    Implement and maintain updated anti-virus signatures and software on a periodic basis as approved by Customer
•    Implement and maintain patches for O/S, S/W on a monthly basis with Customer’s approval.
•    For critical patch and anti-virus updates, Engineer will update the anti-virus signatures or O/S or S/W patches within 24 hours upon Customer’s approval.
•    Patches done for the month will be reflected in the Monthly Report.
•    Applicants should be Singaporean citizens or hold relevant residence status.

Kindly send your word document resume to it@enggsol.net