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Qatargas Operating Company has exciting opportunities available for qualified professionals to join our company in the development of the vast North Field in Qatar. Qatargas currently has under development over $20 billion worth of major projects, including the construction of four new Liquefied Natural Gas trains for the production and export of LNG to every corner of the globe.


All the following positions require working experience in the field of Oil, Gas or Petrochemical industry together with excellent oral and written English skills with Computer knowledge.

Panel Operators

Graduate/ Diploma with minimum 8 years experience in LNG / LPG, Gas Turbine and Gas Treating plant with through knowledge of process. Control safe Start-up, Normal and Shutdown operations by DCS as per established procedures / operating manuals and good industry practices.

Senior / Rover Operators

Diploma / NCTVT with a formal plant training with minimum 6 years experience in LNG Plant, LPG Refinery or Gas Treating plant in the same position. Thorough knowledge of Process is must.

Panel Operators

Graduate / Diploma with minimum 8 years experience in receiving panel will familiar with slug catcher, Condensate stabilizer, piping operation, LPG treating and sour water injection.

Senior/Rover Operators

Diploma / NCTVT with a formal plant training and able to lead his team on routine day to day process activities in receiving plant, familiar with slug catcher, Condensate stabilizer, piping operation, LPG treating and sour water injection. Minimum 6 years Experience and out of which at least 4 years as Senior Operator.

Panel Operators

Graduate / Diploma with minimum 8 years experience in operating panel for Sulfur Recovery units in LNG, LPG, Refinery or Gas treating plants Familiar with CLAUS , superclaus and TGT processes.

Senior / Rover Operators

Diploma / NCTVT with a formal plant training and must have minimum 6 years of experience in operating Sulfur recovery units in LNG, LPG, Refinery or Gas treating plants, Familiar with CLAUS, superclaus and TGT processes.

Qatargas offers a secure expatriate lifestyle in an international community with educational, medical and recreational facilities, competitive tax-free salaries, a full range of benefits, including family or bachelor housing, furnishings and generous paid annual vacation back to your country of origin.

Recruitment is being carried out by Uzma Engineering Sdn Bhd. Reply with detailed CV to:

Uzma House
68 & 70, Fraser Business Park,
Jalan Metro Pudu 2
55200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

For more information about Qatargas, the expatriate community, benefits and Qatar in general, visit

  1. I have more than twenty-two years experience in gas plant LPG andLNG .
    I worked as rover operator for ten years and as^panel operator dcs for twelve years.
    I am looking for job as rover or panel operator .

    PO BOX 295 Mostaganem 27000
    Tel :213667357328
    Tel :213771973986
    JOB Tite :control panel operator DCS

    JOB Description
    Under direction of coordinator guidance controls somooth running conditions and optimises
    Plant processes in his area by operating through DCS and directing external operators for external
    Activities,following production plans operating and Q&HSE,procedures,and guarantee the assigned
    Target of daily production
    Operation responsibilities :
    -Gurarantee the respect of all production procedures and have the responsibility,in danger situation ,to start all safety and environmental activités ;
    -Guarantee the montoring of instrumental level is correct,in according with definite value
    -TO receiveinformation from the shift supervisor on operating paramerter values and to ensure they are continuousty respected
    -To maintins continuos contact witz ôter operators (external or bocard) to solive Common opérationnel problems, such as product transfer, utilities load variation, etc ;
    -To monitor all procèss condition through scanning of data by using the instrumentation located in the control room and to make ajustements as nécessaire to keep data within safe limits and within the established operating parameter values
    -To notice any abnormal operating condition and to communicate with the external operator until normal running condition are set up
    -Pprepare the daily report where is signed all the event happened in the plant
    -Set and maintain a working environment that meets all safety and environmental standards
    Method responsibilities :
    -To inform the shift supervisor about work difficulties or plant emergencies and to receive instruction to overcome them ;
    -Ensures the right function of assigned utility :
    -Ensures good co-ordination of assigned team for the operations
    Team management responsibilities :
    -Organizes the assigned team ;
    -evaluates and notes his personnel
    -To assist the trainee operators whenever requested by the shift supervisor
    -Assist in emergencies on the plant
    Cerinte :
    Observations on activités &Tasks
    -Ability to decision making also in critic situation ;
    -Ability to work under psychological pressure ;
    -Ability to communicate effectively,both orally and in writing english
    Required Qualifications&Background :
    -12 years experience in other control panel room on gas installations :
    -17 years experience on gas LNG and LPG installations(Gas plant)
    -Ability to lead and motivate a multinational team and to manage heavy level of production
    -Abilitiy to work independently and to maintain good relations with colleagues and others
    -Physical ability to work on remote onshore installations under a hot and wet climate

  3. I am having more than 30 years experience in petrochemicals, gas refinery, sulfur recovery unit, for commissioning,, trouble shooting, normal operation, in different countries, Pl, Let me have detais about job , benifits, accomodation, as i am working in USA & having greencard.

    Thank you,

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