Procurement Officer MDFTIC

A Procurement Officer
For Project Implementation Unit (Local-hired)

A. Background
The Multi-Donor Trade and Investment Facility (MDFTIC) has been established by the World Bank with the financial support from the Dutch government under the initiative of the Government of Indonesia in order to addresses a request the Ministry of Trade (MoT) to support its capacity building efforts and harmonize donor assistance; and a request from the Coordinating Ministry of Economic Affairs (CMEA), MoT and Bappenas for capacity building and technical assistance to improve the investment climate.

The MDFTIC consists of a Trade component and an Investment Climate (IC) component: the Trade Component activities will center on setting up teams of specialists to improve MoT’s institutional structure, improving Human Resource training management to increase skill of staff, and providing policy advisory work so that the MoT can take more informed policy decisions. The IC Component activities will center around capacity building for better policy coordination, technical assistance on regulatory reform and access to finance to increase reform impact, and providing policy advisory work for more informed policy decisions on IC.

The MDFTIC is administered by the World Bank, and project activities under the MDFTIC are jointly executed by the World Bank and Recipients, namely MoT, CMEA and other relevant entities. It is anticipated that activities for Recipient-execution under the MDFTIC will commence in early 2009.

For the purpose of coordinating and supervising implementation of MDFTIC project activities executed by the Recipients, two Project Implementation Units (PIUs) for each Trade and IC component will be established at MoT and CMEA, respectively. In the first year, MoT will establish one to cover activities under itself and CMEA, and in the second year, when CMEA establishes another PIU, the MoT-PIU and CMEA-PIU will take care of respective activities. A PIU is formed of a Head of PIU, In charge officer for project implementation, Coordinator officer for procurement activities, Coordinator officer for financial management activities, Coordinator officer for working unit cooperation, Member, Financial management team, procurement officers, who are existing government staff members within the Financial and Procurement units in each Ministry not being envisaged that the PIU will need to be staffed by government staff members on a full time basis. In addition to these government staff members of PIUs, three external consultants will be hired to each PIU who are given special tasks of (a) financial management, (b) procurement and (c) administration.

This Terms of Reference sets out for the Procurement Officer, and the details are provided in the following sections.

B. Scope of Assignment
1. S/he will work on project procurement for the PIUs established in the Ministry of Trade.. Her/his tasks include:
Support the PIU staff to update the procurement plan on regular basis and implementation of the procurement plans for goods and consultants agreed with the World Bank;

  • Support the PIU staff to work with the technical specialist to review and update the procurement schedules;
  • Ensure compliance with the World Bank Guidelines that apply to all facets of the Project.
  • Assist the Head of PIU and assigned PIU staff in ensuring that procurement arrangements are consistent with project implementation and development objectives and, as needed, discuss options and possible solutions with the PIU Director.
  • Coordinate and support the Procurement Committees in preparing the Request for Proposals, Bidding Documents (including specifications and selection criteria) and processing of bid evaluations;
  • Support coordinator for procurement to prepare the procurement documents required to obtain clearance from the World Bank for awarding of contracts and follow-up actions;
  • Support and Coordinate with the Procurement Committees on the preparation of the contracts with selected suppliers/consultants, including follow up for delivery of goods/services according to schedule;
  • Assist PIU procurement staff to organize the receipt of goods at entry, customs clearance, and delivery to the final destination;
  • Support PIU procurement staff to maintain records of goods received their quality and quantity, compliance with contract specifications and accounts for actual deliveries.
  • Support PIU procurement staff in coordination with the Project Management handle warranty and insurance claims;
  • Ensure PIU procurement staff to maintain a proper filing system for all relevant procurement documents in the Project and prepare needed reports and documents for the World Bank review missions;
  • Provide training and mentoring of other parties concerned with procurement, such as: PIU staff, other members of tender committee, auditing agencies/units;
  • Support the PIU procurement staff to carry out other procurement related tasks assigned by the PIU Directors.

2. It requires frequent interaction with World Bank staff and government staff members. The assignment will be initially 75 days, with the possibility of an extension based on her/his performance.

C. Deliverables
S/he shall prepare quarterly progress reports (physical and financial) for all activities under the project in the compilation of the Financial Monitoring Reports and the procurement parts of such report which shall regularly be submitted to the World Bank on quarterly basis.

D. Requirements

  • A Masters degree preferably or a Bachelor degree in either of Economics, Finance, Engineering or other relevant topics from a recognized university.
  • At least 5 years of experience in Procurement as consultant capacity.
  • Experience in assisting governments will be an advantage.
  • Experience in the areas of project procurement in the World Bank funded Projects will be an advantage.
  • Strong communications skills, both in English and Indonesian, and supported by a strong ethical foundation are essential.

E. Reporting
S/he will directly report to Head of PIU of the Ministry of Trade (Head of Planning Bureau). In addition, s/he shall maintain close contact with the MDFTIC Coordinator officer for procurement activities where necessary.

F. Duration: [ 75] days, To be determined

G. Location: Jakarta, Indonesia

H. Recruitment process: Hard copy of the documents should be submitted to:

Head of Planning Bureau
Ministry of Trade
6th Floor Main Building
Jl. M.I Ridwan Rais No. 5
Jakarta Pusat
Telephone : 021-23528441
Faximile : 021-23528451


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