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Operations Analyst in PNPM Support Facility Sub-Unit

Local hire position shall be offered for an initial period of 1.5 years coterminous appointment with the possibility of extension subject to individual performance and the availability of fund/resources. Application should be submitted on-line by clicking apply button on this website. Hard copy application sent through post and e-mail will not be considered. Note: If the selected candidate is a current Bank Group staff member with a regular or Open-Ended appointment, s/he will retain his/her regular or Open-Ended appointment. All others will be offered a 1.5 year renewable coterminous appointment.

The World Bank is looking to recruit eight highly qualified Indonesian specialists who will be responsible for providing implementation support to a number of programs under the “PNPM umbrella”, i.e. programs that foster poverty alleviation through community empowerment and transfer of resources directly to communities. Successful candidates will join a team of Field Operations Analysts. It is their responsibility to support national authorities and local counterparts in developing and implementing systems to ensure the efficient and effective implementation of programs under PNPM, and to identify corrective action if and when needed to continuously strengthen these systems.

Indonesia’s National Program for Community Empowerment, known by its Indonesian acronym “PNPM” currently covers some 70,000 rural and urban communities and has become the umbrella for the Government’s community based poverty alleviation efforts. In addition to the flagship rural and urban PNPM Programs, the portfolio also contains a number of pilot operations that test innovative ways to achieve poverty alleviation through community empowerment, including for example operations for community-based conditional cash transfers, or operations that focus on environmental protection and natural resource management.

PNPM is supported by the “PNPM Support Facility” (PSF) which is a multi-donor Trust Fund, managed by the World Bank’s Social Development Unit. The Trust Fund finances (a) block-grants to communities; (b) technical assistance; (c) on-granting to Civil Society Organizations; and (d) implementation support, monitoring, and evaluation of the PNPM program. The Social Development Unit currently has nine projects under supervision representing about $US1.5 billion in Loans and supervises disbursements of about $US1.5 billion per annum of GoI budget and loan proceeds. In addition, the unit supervises 46 Trust Funds for a total amount of $US120 million. Donors have pledged additional TF contributions of about $US254 million over the next four years.
The team of Field Operations Analyst provides implementation support to the entire portfolio. Members of the team have a regional responsibility and support the respective task teams in PSF to supervise all the programs that are active in the provinces under their responsibility. While they are not responsible for the implementation of these programs, it is their role to help their counterparts analyze and continuously improve the quality of the program on the ground (quality of community projects, quality of participation, effectiveness of women empowerment, etc.) as well as the effectiveness of the various systems that are key to the successful implementation of the program (community facilitation processes, field supervision, training, reporting, complaints handling, good governance, etc.).

Most of the successful candidates will be based in the field. All of them will spend most of their time traveling in their geographic area of responsibility.

Roles and responsibilities
More in particular, the responsibility of the Field Operations Analyst includes the following:

  • Maintain excellent relationships with, and provide assistance and guidance to counterparts (communities, facilitators, RMC, Satkers, Local Government Authorities at the kecamatan, kabupaten, and provincial level, CSOs, etc.) so that they can maximize the impact of the program on the ground. This includes helping counterparts to review the quality of the operations on the ground and the systems to manage the program effectively.
  • Strengthen the capacity of counterparts at all levels to effectively manage and continuously improve the quality and impact of the program. This includes fostering systematic exchange and mutual visits among field practitioners so that lessons learned and best practices can be adapted and applied by others.
  • Identify systemic issues that need to be addressed to improve the program, provide suggestions on how to address these, and bring these to the attention of the counterparts, the task teams in PSF and the Social Development Sector Coordinator in a systematic fashion.
  • Collect, analyze, and report data so that Task Teams in PSF are fully informed about the various aspects of field implementation of their respective programs. Maintain an active dialogue with the Task Teams so that systemic issues can be addressed with counterparts at the national and local levels as needed.
  • Ensure the timeliness and reliability of the data required by the Team Leader and the respective Task Teams.
  • Provide inputs to diverse operational products/outputs across the portfolio (e.g. briefing notes, background reports, case studies, portfolio performance reviews, etc.)
  • Provide backstopping and support to other colleagues in the team as needed.

Reporting and Accountability Performance: The Field Operations Analyst reports to the Team Leader of the Field Operations Team.

Minimum Qualifications for this position include:

  • Minimum Education: MA/MS or equivalent  (In a relevant discipline e.g. Engineering, economics, finance, business administration, social sciences, or other field related to (community) development OR Equivalent combination of  education and experience.
  • Minimum Years of Relevant Experience: 5 years
  • Experience in supervising and monitoring community-driven development projects in different geographic and social cultural backgrounds within Indonesia.
  • Excellent interpersonal and operational skills.
  • Ability to work independently and with minimal supervision.
  • High ethical standards and strong working ethos.
  • Ability to work as part of a team.  Must be able to work well and productively with other members in a team setting.
  • Excellent oral and written communications skills.
  • Fluency in Indonesian is a must and English is an advantage.
  • Computer literacy.
  • Able to travel extensively over long periods of time.

Closing Date: 12-Apr-2011

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