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Vice President
Public & Government Affairs

ExxonMobil seeks candidate with a stellar professional track record and vital network of contemporary contacts in business and government for a senior executive position in Indonesia.

ExxonMobil brings together a diverse and talented workforce to take on the world s toughest energy challenges. The increasing demand of energy is a global issue – it affects literally everyone, every where on the planet. That s why we give all of our people the resources and opportunities that they need to make an impact.

This executive will guide and oversee communications between the company’s portfolios throughout Indonesia. He or she will act as the primary representative for external interfaces, while holding responsibility for both governmental and media relations programs. Furthermore, he or she will provide relevant strategic support to the company president and general manager, serving as a representative of ExxonMobil and its interests when interfacing with the Indonesian government, public and all forms of media. He or she will provide strategic and tactical external relations support to line management, in a high-profile stance. The executive will communicate closely with international P&GA managers to ensure full integration of and alignment with stated ExxonMobil objectives and overall strategic goals.

Responsibilities The executive will be responsible for developing, executing and maintaining company media relations, communications strategies, and government and community relations initiatives. The executive will also be responsible for nurturing strong business relationships with key government and community leaders to safeguard the company s reputation and stated interests, while helping position it for the successful acquisition, of future opportunities. The candidate will oversee P&GA activities to ensure flawless implementation of plans and programs, while coordinating related internal and external issue management. A proficient understanding of otonomi daerah, with a vision for how to best position the company s adaptation to it, is also desired. In the event of a crisis or challenge to the company, he or she will supervise P&GA activities during the response phase. .The position is also responsible for training and nurturing P&GA staff members, while fully supporting their personal and career development.

Competencies Required The candidate must have a proven track record of successful management experience in positions carrying strong external relations responsibilities. The candidate must also demonstrate the ability to engage people from all walks of life and be able to establish and maintain productive working relationships, both in his or her own work unit and with those in government positions. Robust leadership capability, in both a local and global context, must be supported by strong communications skills (including speaking and writing in Bahasa Indonesia and English). He or she must also have proven interpersonal, analytical and conceptual skills and be able to demonstrate them during the hiring review process. Proficient knowledge of the industry and business interests of the client would be beneficial.

Qualifications The candidate should be a national of the Republic of Indonesia, holding a valid university degree from a recognized institution of higher learning. He or she should have a broad career track record of at least 15 years, with experience in a variety of aspects of business, government and external relations. Sustained success in past managerial positions would also be considered an asset.

Interested candidates should apply via the online application to

All applicant information will be held in strict confidence. Only short-listed candidates will be notified. No individual shall be authorized to use the ExxonMobil name or logo in an attempt to solicit up-front fees for interested job seekers.

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