Risk Advisor Kuwait National Petroleum Company

Kuwait National Petroleum Company



Job Descriptions:
Performs the day-to-day execution of the PD Risk Management processes and integrating them to the overall risk portfolio of KNPC. Works under the broad KNPC Risk & KPC guidelines. Maintains projects directorate risks into KNPC ERM software. The incumbent is required to identify, analyze and document the risks associated with projects being executed at Projects Department, as well as monitor the effectiveness of risk management processes and implement needed changes.


  • Risk Management knowledge, knowledge of ERM, Risk Audit
  • Strong analytical and decision-making.
  • Knowledge and working experience of on Risk Management Software Application
  • Good interpersonal, communication skills and ability to work in a multicultural environments.

Main Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Prepares work plans for risk assessment and risk management activities and discusses them with PD management, for execution.
  • Prepares and administers risk questionnaires to various PD Departments and analyzes responses.
  • Performs Risk assessment, Risk Audit, Risk Management Training and Benchmarking with global Risk Management Best Practices.
  • Conducts risk related interviews and workshops with representatives of PD Departments.
  • Ensures that the risk data and information from various PD Departments is collected and organized relevant to various risk categories and prepares / reviews analysis reports.
  • Analyzes the trends in exposure to different risks and discusses them with the PD Management.
  • Measures the effectiveness of various Risk Monitoring & Treatment Plans and works closely with various PD departments to update or revise them as required.
  • Keeps the Risk Register up to date and analyzes it on regular basis.
  • Understands the PD business processes identified for integration with ERM and performs/ supports risk treatment and other related activities.
  • Works closely with PD departments to define/ refine and implement various risk metrics and limits.
  • Continually enhances and maintains the integrated risk-handling model for PD and thereby strengthens PD’s capability to manage risk.
  • Keeps abreast of knowledge of the latest Risk management best practices developing of all Risk Management processes.

Qualification & Experience:

  1. A bachelor’s degree in Engineering.
  2. Total minimum years of experiences (15 years)
  3. Total minimum experience in Oil & Gas (10 years)
  4. Total minimum experience in similar position (5 years with Risks Consultancy Company)
  5. Risk Management credentials prepared but not mandatory

Please kindly submit the applications to following Recruitment Consultants:

Position No 1 to 3 submitted to Miss Nurul:
Email: nurul.hikmah@megarainfield.com
Phone: +62812 8000 6876

Position No. 4 to 7 submitted to: Mr. Reza

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