Operations Analyst (Anti-Corruption) World Bank

Both the Government of Indonesia (GOI) and the World Bank commit to combat corruption, collusion and nepotism. The position described in these TORs is one of a number of assignments which together aiming at preventing corruption and thereby increase the effectiveness and efficiency of Bank-financed projects in Indonesia.  In recent years, the World Bank has taken a number of measures to reduce corruption in the execution of its projects in Indonesia.  These measures include strengthened supervision during project implementation, more robust financial management, procurement and audit policies including the integration of ex-post procurement audits and maintaining the Anti-Corruption Action Plans (ACAP) for each project.

Statement of Objectives
As part of its ongoing efforts to support corruption prevention in Indonesia, the World Bank Office Jakarta requires the services of an Indonesian consultant with experience in the area of corruption prevention to assist the Anti-Corruption Team in minimizing the risk of corruption in World Bank financed projects portfolio in Indonesia, developing accountable institutions, and building partnerships with World Bank’s stakeholders.  Based out of the Operational Services Unit (OSU), the successful candidate will be part of a small team that focuses on developing and implementing mechanisms and strategies intended to minimize the impact of corruption and collusion within World Bank-supported projects.

Operations Analyst (Anti-Corruption)

Key Duties and Responsibilities

  • Assist project preparation teams with developing Anti-Corruption Action Plans (ACAP) for all new projects and ensuring government ownership and involvement in ACAPs.  At present, ACAPs are the main project-based tool used by the World Bank in preventing corruption.
  • Obtain data on compliance with the anti-corruption measures included in the ACAPs.  Provide recommendations on how compliance can be better enforced.  Participate in regular reviews and assessments of ACAP effectiveness and produce relevant analyses for the use of Task Team Leaders and GOI implementing agencies.
  • Develop efforts aiming at improvement of the effectiveness of ACAP implementation.

Secondary duties may include, but are not necessarily limited to:

  • Participate in the monitoring and supervision of World Bank projects, as requested, particularly with respect to implementation of and compliance with the Anti-Corruption Action Plans.  This will involve some field travel.
  • Contribute to selected research and contribute ideas to the analysis of corruption prevention techniques and mechanisms with a view to identifying those most likely to be effective in reducing corruption within projects supported by the World Bank.  This will involve identifying new and innovative means for detecting indication of corruption within World Bank-funded projects.
  • Develop links and/or maintain communications with relevant external stakeholders in civil society, academic institutes and the independent media.  This external liaison role may also involve maintaining relationships and ensuring coordination with other donor agencies and relevant Government of Indonesia bodies.

He/she will work within the Operational Services Unit (OSU) and under the daily guidance of the Senior Operations Officer tasked with anti corruption prevention measures and initiatives on behalf of the Anti-Corruption Team.

Selection Criteria

  • Minimum bachelor’s degree in a relevant field (such as economics, accounting, communications, politics, social sciences).
  • At least four full-time work experiences in a field related to international development, anti-corruption, and governance.
  • Familiarity with and, ideally, direct experience on anti-corruption issues and programs.
  • Experience with and or solid knowledge of government and civil society.
  • Knowledge of accounting, auditing and/or other finance-related skills would be an asset.
  • Good computer skills and preferably familiarity with database management.
  • Strong oral and written communications skills, in bahasa Indonesia and English.
  • Ability to work flexibly, as part of a team, and to work collaboratively with a range of external stakeholders.

Closing Date13-Jun-2009

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