EducationUSA Advisor AMINEF

AMINEF currently has full and part-time openings for the EducationUSA Educational Advising Service.

AMINEF’s EducationUSA program seeks qualified Indonesians to actively promote U.S. higher education throughout Indonesia by offering accurate, unbiased, comprehensive, objective and timely information about educational institutions in the United States and guidance to qualified individuals on how best to access those opportunities.

EducationUSA Advisors will be responsible for daily advising and outreach activities to ensure efficient and effective delivery of services to Indonesian public, and will regularly conduct presentations and advising programs to reach more Indonesian students.  EducationUSA also liaises with U.S. institutions of higher education to facilitate admission of Indonesian students and increase student mobility, and provides training to volunteers and key partners to help them expand the positive impact of educational advising in Indonesia.

EducationUSA Advisor (4 positions – Jakarta, Medan, Surabaya)

In addition to conducting the above general duties for EducationUSA, Advisors should have (and further develop) an advanced specialty in one or more core areas to complement the team:  Graduate Programming, Scholarships, U.S. Institution Support, Event Coordination, and Training.  The ideal candidate should have strong communications and customer service skills, be willing to travel for outreach, and have at least a U.S. Bachelor’s (S1) degree.

Senior EducationUSA Advisor (Jakarta)
This position will be responsible for coordinating and supervising the above activities of the EducationUSA Advisors, and taking the lead role in managing special events, public relations, and outreach programming.  The ideal candidate should have strengths in hospitality and event coordination, staff training, customer service management, and a U.S. Master’s (S2) degree or higher for advising on graduate programming.

Information Technology Marketing Specialist (Jakarta)
This position expands the use of information technology for the EducationUSA advising network in Indonesia, developing and refining EducationUSA advising resources online (website utility, virtual advising, social networking, and CRM database applications) to effectively promote U.S. higher education opportunities to a wider audience in Indonesia.  The ideal candidate has at least 5 years’ experience in IT or marketing project management, including a demonstrated track record of web-based application development and launch.

Application Deadline July 23, 2009 to be considered for an interview.  Please send cover letter and CV indicating your qualifications and interest, and which position you are applying to:

Personnel Director/EducationUSA Position

AMINEF, Gedung Balai Pustaka Lt. 6, Jl. Gunung Sahari Raya 4, Jakarta 10720

Tel: 62-21-3452016,
Fax: 62-21-3452050


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