Distribution Control System (DCS) Technicians BP


Distribution Control System (DCS) Technicians
Job ID: 21276BR

Location: Papua

Role synopsis
Distribution Control System (DCS) Technician reports to the Process Trains Shift Supervisor. Usually works outside to lead, direct, and guide, the Field Technicians in carrying out their duties during normal operation, start-up, shut-down, or emergency conditions to run the plant facilities in a safe, efficient, and reliable manner and achieve LNG production targets safely and reliably during his shift. This position delivers operations and plant monitoring through Distribution Control System (DCS) for LNG manufacturing facilities.

Key accountabilities

  • Perform operations and plant monitoring through Distribution Control System (DCS) operations
  • Maintain and control plant operation within safe operating limits through Distribution Control System (DCS) operations
  • Lead plant start-up and shut down activities from Distribution Control System (DCS)
  • Provide shift reports and its supporting information including HVR based on Distribution Control System (DCS) data and registering of override/inhibit of safety systems.

Essential Education
Minimum 3 years technical diploma degree with good understanding of basic math, science and English

Essential experience and job requirements

  • Minimum 10 years work experience includes 2 years as Distribution Control System (DCS) Operator.
  • Detailed knowledge of process plant equipment, process operation, maintenance activities, and safety systems.

Desirable criteria & qualifications

  • Minimum 2 years in LNG Plant

Closing Date: 25-Jun-2011

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