Procurement Analyst (092141) World Bank

Job Purpose (summary of major job accountabilities at the full working level)

This position is accountable for providing procurement and project operations expertise in consultation with senior procurement staff, to Task Managers and to the implementation staff of the Borrowers at all stages of the project cycle.

Key accountabilities include

  • Independently reviews, analyses and comments on a wide variety of procurement issues and documents.
  • Assists Task Managers/Technical Specialists in the implementation of procurement activities by conducting preliminary procurement reviews of relatively large or complex projects as required by Legal Agreement; this involves prior review of bid documents, Request for Proposals, evaluation reports and award recommendations of projects.
  • Proposes modifications to borrowers’ draft bidding documents to address issues of adequacy, clarity and qualifications of bidders, sufficiency of time, bid clarifications, substantial responsiveness, evaluation criteria, currency and payments, price adjustments, award criteria, arbitration, application of domestic price preference, etc.
  • Evaluates the procurement implications of project design, typically for simple projects and/or in consultation with senior procurement staff for more complex projects;  advises Team Leaders/Technical Specialists on options and suitability of different procurement/selection methods, appropriateness and acceptability of local and/or international competitive procedures for the procurement of goods, works and services
  • Reviews and/or prepares initial drafts of procurement chapters/sections for a variety of project lending documents taking into account the economy and efficiency of procurement and acceleration of appropriate disbursements.
  • Participates in missions in straight forward projects or as a junior team member;  participates in meetings with  Borrower’s officials to discuss the project objectives and understand the implementation environment.  Explains Bank procurement guidelines and procedures and available options
  • May participate in negotiations and project discussions, and contributes to the preparation of procurement plans. Implementation schedules, procurement supervision plans, the development of procurement monitoring systems, as well as to the preparation of a range of documents and reports, Country Procurement Assessment Reviews, Agency Capacity Assessments, etc.
  • Participates in capacity assessments of implementing agencies and in-county procurement assessments, by researching procurement laws and practices, collecting and analyzing data, etc.
  • Advises staff on procedural aspects for the selection of consultants under BB and Trust Funds executed by the Bank and coordinates with GSD on selection process.
  • Provides guidance to junior staff.

• Work implies frequent interaction with the following

  • Task Managers and Technical Specialists in the work unit/VPU.
  • Staff from other agencies, donors, consultants and borrowers

Note:  A potential candidate has been identified and intends to apply for this position.  However, this remains a competitive process and interested candidates are encouraged to apply.

Note: If the selected candidate is a current Bank Group staff member with a Regular or Open-Ended appointment, s/he will retain his/her Regular or Open-Ended appointment. All others will be offered a 2 year renewable term appointment.

Essential Specialized Skills/Knowledge/Competencies

  • Knowledge and understanding of public procurement systems of the Borrowers, of the Bank’s procurement policies, processes and practices as applied to diverse types of Bank Group procurement, and of related principles and procedures for disbursements. Proficiency: Basic
  • Good knowledge of Bank Group operations, and, in particular, of critical linkages and relationships between procurement processes and business operations and objectives. Proficiency: Basic
  • Diverse experience in the non-technical (e.g. commercial, procedural) aspects of procurement processing and analysis at all stages of the project cycle. Proficiency: Basic
  • Proven analytical and evaluative skills, including the ability to independently provide well researched analyses of key procurement issues and problems. Proficiency: Fully Proficient or Specialist
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills with ability to prepare, present and discuss findings in written and oral form. Proficiency: Fully Proficient or Specialist
  • General knowledge of procurement planning for projects. Proficiency: Basic

General Competencies

  • Ability to function effectively in multi-disciplinary teams within a matrix management environment, and to promote collaboration in providing a range of procurement services.
  • Ability to provide guidance to more junior staff.

Coordinates/Leads (Tasks, Missions, Projects, Programs): Frequently routine, occasionally moderately complex tasks.

Minimum Education/Experience at recruitment/selection

  • Minimum Education: BA/BS (BA/BS with a major in a relevant discipline (e.g. Business Administration, Engineering, Commerce, Law)
  • Minimum Years of Relevant Experience: 3

losing Date: 14-Dec-2009

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